An analysis of the way affirmative action works

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Affirmative action

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How Affirmative Action Really Works

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Affirmative action programs originated during the Civil Rights Movement in the s. What began as a drive to ensure that minorities were not discriminated against in the hiring process quickly took on a.

Aug 21,  · In Mismatch, he and journalist Stuart Taylor present a rich and data-driven picture of the way affirmative action works (and doesn’t work) in this setting.

Affirmative action in the United States

Though their liberal leanings would indicate support for race-based policies, Sander and Taylor argue that the research shows that affirmative action does not in fact help minorities. (2) Can we really have affirmative action without quotas? Quota. It's a word everybody hates.

In the seminal affirmative action case Regents of the University of California v. Bakke, the Supreme Court struck down the use of concrete quotas for admitting minorities into school.

Today, colleges instead argue that they're looking for a "critical mass" of minority applicants to ensure a certain baseline level of. Ultimately, though, he gives short shrift to an emerging third way—affirmative action for economically disadvantaged students of all races—that achieves most of the benefits, while avoiding.

In Mismatch, he and journalist Stuart Taylor present a rich and data-driven picture of the way affirmative action works (and doesn't work) in this setting. Though their liberal leanings would indicate support for race-based policies, Sander and Taylor argue that the research shows that affirmative action does not in fact help minorities.

Sander became one of the most compelling critics of affirmative action, the co-author with Stuart Taylor of Mismatch. Read my article as an introduction to the mismatch school of thought.

Pick up the book for the full treatment of the topic. Affirmative action emerged in the s as a .

An analysis of the way affirmative action works
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