The charitable work of princess diana and queen rania

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the Queen and Prince Philip arriving at the wedding of Johnny Spencer and Frances Roche, aka the parents of Diana, Princess of Wales, June 1, Kris A More Royals!

Queen Rania of Jordan: A Political Biography

The niece of the late Princess Diana is nothing short of a fashionista, Queen Rania‘s Instagram bio sums it up nicely: and she also promotes her charity work. For example, Queen Rania of Jordan has done TONS of high-profile work with the UN, directly and with organizations strongly tied to the UN, but King Abdullah isn’t nearly as involved with the UN as she is.

Aug 25,  · Princess Diana used clothing as a powerful communication tool, and 20 years after her death, she's become an icon as much for her style as her charitable work.

Here's a look at some of her top. Dec 26,  · Hi everyone -- I'm looking for information on Diana's Charity work and Patronages. The things I would like to know are what charities did she do work for, if there are any photos of Diana visiting or. Explore 🍒RANIA SALAH🍒's board "Princess Diana" on Pinterest.

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The charitable work of princess diana and queen rania
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